Pricing & Delivery


  • Tables are 10 feet long, 40 inches wide, & 30 inches tall.
  • Small table are 5 feet long, 40 inches wide, & 30 inches tall (cake, beverage, gift, etc.).
  • Benches are 5 feet long and seat 3 people.

Rental Prices:

  • Table….$85
  • Small table....$45
  • Table with 4 benches….$125
  • Benches. $10 each

Tables seat 12-14 people {12 is with people seated on the sides (up to six people per side).  14 is with a chair at each end.}  *At this time we don't offer chairs.

Delivery is required on all orders with 2 or more tables.  This keeps our tables looking good and reduces the risk of damage.  Please call or send us an email for an accurate delivery quote.  

Delivery within Billings is free.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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